BOOK REVIEW. ‘How to Lead Smart People’ by Singh, A. & Mister, M. London: Profile Books, 2019


  • Raymund Sisenando Mercado Global Management and Development Trainer and Consultant


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Arun Singh is a leading international business lawyer and formerly a partner at KPMG Legal. He is a corporate educator in leadership and negotiations to international organisations, visiting Professor at UK and Chinese University Business Schools, and a senior government advisor with over 30 years of experience. Mike Mister was formerly the Global Director for Executive Development at EY Global, but is now based at The Muller Institute at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK. His work involves supporting the development of leadership and change management capability in large organisations. 
The book was produced with the noble intent of helping leaders to better face work challenges and to exceptionally perform at management, human resource, human behaviour and particularly, in leading smart people or the knowledge workers. This is a very useful contribution for leaders, regardless of whether they are new or accomplished, due to the clear and simple ideas on how to improve our own leadership skills or competencies, leading teams and the organisation, in order to work effectively with smart people.

To cite: Mercado, R.S.R. (2023). BOOK REVIEW. ‘How to Lead Smart People’ by Singh, A. & Mister, M. London: Profile Books, 2019. Journal of Management & Administration 17, 19–20.

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10157458

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Raymund Sisenando Mercado, Global Management and Development Trainer and Consultant

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Dr. Raymund Sisenando R. Mercado is a global management and development trainer and consultant. He completed his Doctor in Communication, Master in Business Management, Master in Human Resources Development, and Bachelor of Science in Tourism degrees from the University of the Philippines and a postgraduate certificate in Intercultural Management from the Japan-America Institute of Management Science, Hawaii, USA. He assisted for more than 25 years numerous international and local private and development-oriented organizations. He was a former manager in the academe, a bank, and an international development training and consulting firm. He received numerous recognitions, awards, and/or presented research papers as a scholar and/or fellow in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. His interests include work simplification, social science and interdisciplinary research, training, and capacity development.


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