Integrating offline and online platforms for seamless banking experience


  • Izekiel Nohumba Regent Business School, South Africa;
  • Clemence Nyambuya Independent Researcher;
  • Getrude Nyambuya Independent Researcher;


Banking, digital tools, financial services, Internet banking, mobile banking, offline, online, South Africa


Researchers concur that the revolution and evolution of banking which is emanating from the fast-paced IT developments and globalisation, is triggering customers to demand better shopping experiences and products and ease of service. All this revolves around an improved banking experience through digitalisation. Bank executives are under pressure to cope with competition as well as evolving consumer demands. This predicament is to a greater extent for the traditional banks that have to align their structures with current consumer demands and compete with emerging banking service providers that are adopting agile, high-tech technologies. Moreover, it has proved challenging for traditional banking to do away with their traditional structures that support offline and physical banking in the light of modern developments. This study sought to examine factors influencing the integrating of offline and online platforms for a seamless banking experience. The study adopted a literature review methodology, employing a qualitative research approach to achieve the research objectives. The findings confirmed that offline banking platforms cannot be entirely eliminated. Instead, the banking industry has to speedily adopt online banking platforms with greater efficiency. Most banks now offer internet and mobile banking services but have to extend their services to be modelled to seamless banking services that concentrate on modern consumer needs and lifestyles in the light of globalisation. The study recommends that banks should no longer restrict their services to the role of processing payments or providing funds for clients. Rather, banks should now provide convenience by interfacing and integrating with the retail internet world to support customer lifestyles and remain competitive. Otherwise, they risk losing their market to neo-banks and fin-tech internet-based financial service providers.

To cite: Nohumba, I., Nyambuya, C. &  Nyambuya G. (2020). Integrating offline and online platforms for seamless banking experience. Journal of Management & Administration (2020/1), 45–72.






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